Stop Letting Your Virtual Desktops Get As Cluttered As Your Actual Desk

I wish this was rare for me: a user panics that they've lost a file, and I find it right where they left it -- on their Desktop.  The problem is they've saved so many files to the Desktop that they've actually buried it. But the annoyance of unseen files on the Desktop is just one of the consequences of letting Desktop clutter go unchecked...it can also slow your whole system down.

So people, please, folders are your friends.  Create some.  And then, like, put stuff in them.  Novel concept I know. If you don't want to listen to me, listen to MacFixIt.

A tidy Desktop can lead to a faster Mac
After a short time using your Mac it can be easy to acquire many files--pictures, videos, songs, e-mail downloads, and more. Because the information most of us receive is now available so quickly, we often do not get the opportunity to sort through and organize these files properly. What inevitably happens is that our Desktop becomes cluttered with all sorts junk--a habit that can slow your Mac’s computing power ....full article on macfixit.com

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