How to Cancel your Spotify Account

Clients and friends: I am recommending against using the Spotify music service. I've had one too many clients have Spotify sign them up for unrequested services, and the hoops Spotify makes users go through the cancel their accounts is ridiculous.
If anyone needs help canceling an account, here's the process (I kid you not):

1) There is no way to cancel account via your Spotify's user settings.

2) There are no cancellation instructions on Spotify's help pages.

3) The (undocumented) action you must take is to fill out the Help contact form.


4) The help request form has no option for account cancellation or even "Other", so choose "Account or Login problems" and then choose from several incorrect options & just hope for the best. In the details field, tell them you want to cancel your account.

5) The help request will email two auto-responses. The second response will instruct you to search Help or the Community pages for the answer ... and gives no indication of the real thing to do at this point. Reply to this auto-response request by again requesting they cancel your account. Include your date of birth, the approximate date you signed up for Spotify, and your zip code.

Yes. Seriously. This is their process.

Le sigh,


Hold off on installing iTunes 11

Dearest clients, I know you will ignore this post, as no one wants to wait to try out the new & the shiny. But when you call me because iTunes 11 is driving you bonkers, I'll have nothing to offer, but kindness & empathy. It's a new release. It's full of kinks. Wait. Sincerely, I-told-you-so ... er, I mean, Juliet


One of my favorite new things in Mountain Lion: built-in dictation! 10. Activate dictation quickly Enable this feature in the Dictation & Speech panel, in System Preferences. Click the Fn key twice to activate it. (You must be in a text field or writeable document -- like an email or Word doc.) Then press the Fn key again to be done. Happy. Happy. Joy. Joy.



Sidebar Fonts in Lion (Mac OS 10.7) Quoting Ben Tomhave over at the Falcon's View:

If your mailbox sidebar isn't visible, click on "Show" on the left side of the menu bar.

Next, to reduce the mailbox sidebar font size, go to System Preferences, click General and change "Sidebar icon size" to small.

Ahhhh…soooo much better.


iPhone Maps tip: zooming in & out

Double-tap with one finger to zoom in.
Single-tap with two fingers to zoom out.


Use ARD to change multiple printers

File under: I shoulda figured this out years ago.

My client is changing the IP addresses for all 6 of their networked printers, and I knew there had to be a better use of my billable hours than going from Mac to Mac, changing their printer settings.

Fortunately, Apple Remote Desktop 3 can do this. Here's version of Apple's instructions...

  1. In Finder, use "Go to Folder" to navigate to /private/etc/cups/
  2. In Remote Desktop, select one or more computers in Remote Desktop.
  3. Choose Manage > Copy Items.
  4. Drag the following file & folder from the Finder window you opened to the "Items to Copy" list: "/private/etc/cups/printers.conf" and "/private/etc/cups/ppd/".
  5. Change "Place Items In" to "Same relative location".
  6. Click "Copy".
  7. The printer queues on the client machines will be paused until they restart.