Use ARD to change multiple printers

File under: I shoulda figured this out years ago.

My client is changing the IP addresses for all 6 of their networked printers, and I knew there had to be a better use of my billable hours than going from Mac to Mac, changing their printer settings.

Fortunately, Apple Remote Desktop 3 can do this. Here's version of Apple's instructions...

  1. In Finder, use "Go to Folder" to navigate to /private/etc/cups/
  2. In Remote Desktop, select one or more computers in Remote Desktop.
  3. Choose Manage > Copy Items.
  4. Drag the following file & folder from the Finder window you opened to the "Items to Copy" list: "/private/etc/cups/printers.conf" and "/private/etc/cups/ppd/".
  5. Change "Place Items In" to "Same relative location".
  6. Click "Copy".
  7. The printer queues on the client machines will be paused until they restart.

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